Sports Spread Betting

The Sports Spread Betting Guide here to help you understand this exciting form of betting.

It’s a higher risk/return form of sports gambling that is an alternative to fixed odds betting.

Growing in popularly with people who spread betting are for people who want better returns and beginners and who are looking for an adrenaline rush.

football spread bettingThis guide will take you through the spread basics and strategies that you could follow for all the main sports like  football and crickets spreads. Sports spreads betting in the UK began in the 1980’s and is a newer type of betting vs fixed odds betting and isn’t for everyone.

You you bet on a variety of potential eventualities, where the options are almost endless and are and is dependant on accuracy of the bet as opposed to a simple win or lose outcome.

One of the key attractions and benefits of spread betting is that you can bet right up to the final whistle or the end of your chosen event.

Sports Spread Betting Explained

What is Sports Spread BettingA spread bet is a range of outcomes and the bet is whether the outcome will be above or below the spread and you place a bet per unit or point above or below the market price. Sports.

Whether you like to spread bet on the number of goals in a Premier League game or bookings in a Spanish Primera Liga game, prices are continuously updated as the match unfolds so you can bet any time before or after kick-off up until the final whistle.

You to either close out of a bet for a profit if it is going your way, or to cut your losses by ending your bet before the full-time whistle.


Spreads works by you betting against a ‘spread’ which covers the outcomes of an event and consists of two prices, a ‘buy’ price and a ‘sell’ price. An example would be betting on the number of corners in Chelsea vs WBA

Using your knowledge and gut feeling, you would judge what you think the final outcome will actually be and then bet accordingly – ‘buying’ if you think the prediction is too low, ‘selling’ if you think it’s too high.

Essentially the more right you are, the more you win and can be very lucrative if you get it right – but can be painful if the bet goes against you and you can lost more the more wrong you are – so be very aware of this to place a stop los s to limit the downside.

How many cards in a sports match ?

Spread firms tend to use a points system. For example, each yellow card awarded in a football match is worth 10 points and a red card is worth 25 points (so a maximum of 35 points awarded for one player).

The spread may suggest that bookings in the Chelsea – WBA match will be between 58 and 62 suggesting the bookmaker thinks there will be six yellow cards in the game.

If you think there will be more yellow cards and possibly even a couple of reds, you would ‘buy’ or “sell”  if you think the ref will keep strong handle on the match and not issue too many cards.

The amount you win – or lose – depends on the stake you choose.

If you buy £1 a point at 62. and the bookings points ends at 105, you’d win £43 ((105-62) x £1). However, if the game is a relatively tame and bookings points end at 20, you’d lose £42 from your original £10 bet ((20-62) x £1).

What risks you need to know about?

You can win a lot of money from sports spread betting, but you can also lose more than your stake, as the above example shows. Depending on how much you stake per point, this could be quite a lot, so you much be very aware. Therefore weigh up the bet before you actually place it.

DO THE MATHS Help yourself and work out the potential downside and then determine your stake size accordingly. For example, buying Total Goal Minutes, as per above, for £1 on a spread of 130 – 140 would result in a loss of £140 if the game ended goalless ((0-140) x £1). (you loss would be £14 is you staked 10p)

Football Spread Bet Example

    • You take a view that the evening’s cup clash will be a tight contest with little goalmouth activity and so take a look at the Total Goals quote.
    • You are is quoted Total Goals at 2 – 2.2 so you opt to sell for £50 a point at 2.
    • Your instincts are incorrect and the game ends in a 3-1 home win meaning a loss of £100 ((2-4) x £50).
    • You think the big Italian Seria A game between Torino v Juventus have lots of attacking football on show and so view the Total Goals price.
    • The quote is Total Goals at 2.4 – 2.6 so you decide to buy for £50 a point at 2.6.
    • The game does ends in a 3-3 draw meaning a £170 profit ((6-2.6) x £50).

Torino v Juventus Sports Spread Betting

Cricket Spread Bet Example

    • You think Australia’s middle order will collapse during a Test match vs England so look at the Run quote for batsmen number 3 as he comes onto the pitch
    • The quote for Runs for the batsman 3 is 43-48 so you decide to sell for £2 a run at 43.
    • Your hunch is correct and the batsmen is dismissed for 10 runs meaning a profit of £66 ((43-10) x £2).
    • You think that the conditions favour of the batsmen for England’s first Test and so view England’s First Innings Runs quote
    • The quote for England’s First Innings Runs at 285-300 so you decide to buy for £2 a run at 300.
    • You’re proved wrong as England are all out for 275 meaning a £50 loss ((275-300) x £2).

Cricket Sports Spread Betting

Racing Spread Bet Example

    • You don’t fancy the going ahead of the day’s big race meeting at Epsom and decide to look at the Winning Distances quote.
    • You are quoted the Winning Distances (the distance between the winning horse and second placed horse for each race at the meeting, aggregated) at 44-48. You decide to sell £5 a point at 44.
    • You guessed right and the Winning Distances from all the races makes up at just 21 lengths resulting in a £115 profit. ((44-21) x £5).
    • You like the look of the favourites in the day’s big race meeting at Ascot and take a look at the Favourites quote.
    • Favourites (based on the favourite for each race awarded 25 points for finishing first, 10 for second or 5 for third) at 73-77 so you buy for £5 a point at 77.
    • However, the favourites in the race do not perform that well and the market makes up at 60 meaning a £85 loss ((60-77) x £5)

Spread Betting Strategies & Tips For Beginners – be a boring robot !

Spread Betting Strategies and Tips

  • Try and bet on markets you know and have a good understanding about
  • If you betting on an in-play market  – ensure you actually watch the event so you can make quick decisions if it starts to go against you.
  • Don’t start chasing your losses and increase you bet sizes even after a couple of wins. Stick to your plan and be disciplined
  • Always work out your worse case scenario each time so you know what you are risking before you place your bet