Sports Betting Guide

This Sports Betting Guide is simply explained to help you understand the odds to make better decisions.

These days you can bet in almost all sports across different platforms and with many different bookmakers. This is a simple and straightforward guide to help you make the best choices.

With some many sports there are a multitude of bets that can be placed across all the sports. Hopefully the guide that we’ve put together will help you understand what they mean as each sport has its own nuance that makes watching the sport betting even more exciting.

football betting is globalFootball Betting

One of the most popular sports to bet on is Football Betting and has to have one of the most comprehensive betting options to choose from.

From the standard which team will win (1×2) is still probably the most popular type of bet to the more adventurous how will the next goal be scored – header, free kick, penalty etc. The odds naturally fluctuate depending how rare a goal scoring type is.

As a global sport betting on football allows you to select from leagues across the world all across Europe to Asia and the Americas in various tournaments like the WorldCup, UEFA Champions League, European Champions, Africa’s Cup plus a host of national competitions like the world famous FA Cup and leagues like Seria A, La Liga and so much more.

Cricket Betting

Betting on cricket is incredibly exciting due to the various tournaments and formats available to bet on. You have choice of Test matches, Twenty20 or T20, One Day Internationals (ODI) , WorldCup, The Ashes and more recently the Indian Premier League or more commonly known as the IPL and not forgetting country cricket.

cricket worldcupInterest in cricket has grown enormously in recent years driven by the shorter format and the investment in the IPL that has given cricket the Bollywood makeover making it more glamorous than ever before.

Likewise, the amount of betting options has increased at the same time so that you can now place a bet on next players to get out, method of dismissal, runs per team per innings, under/over runs etc etc.  With choices like this why wouldn’t you wan a bet.

Horse Racing Betting

As a spectacle horse racing is just an exciting sport to bet on as any and is a highly passionate affair especially as the horses are coming at full pelt at the final furlong going at it at full pace. Horse racing is one of the earliest forms of betting and holds in’s own amongst all the other sports.

horse racing circuitsThere are so many betting options available and a little knowledge can go along way to understand flat and jump racing or steeplechase. Horse racing is a world-wide betting event.

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There are so many famous horse racing across the world like the Dubai World Cup , Kentucky Derby, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, The Grand National, Royal Ascot to name the most known.

Other sports betting guides that we’ve looked at is rugby, golf, basketball to name a few.

Sports Spread Betting

Torino v Juventus Sports Spread BettingSporting Spreads is a higher risk form of betting where you can place betting across the main sports like football, cricket, golf and others.

What makes it different is the prospect of higher returns than traditional fixed odds if results go your way (you can also lose more than your stake also).

Generally a spread bet is placed on a range of outcomes and the bet is whether the outcome will be above or below the spread and you place a bet per unit or point above or below the market price. You have the option to either “buy” or “sells” the market price depending on your opinion. Popular bets can be cricket or football scores. The more you are right above or below the bet the more you win and the opposite is true also.

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