Uefa Nations League
7th October 2018

Uefa Nations League – What is it all about?

By odds24

The UEFA Nations League is a new international tournament in a league format for the chance to compete in the Final Four summer showpiece in 2019, where the winner will be crowned the Nations League champions.

Why a new tournament ?

One of the main reasons is to improve the quality of international football and reduce the number of meaningless friendlies, UEFA – has devised a new format to add excitement and competition to country clashes.

Uefa Nations League - What is it all about?

How will it work ?

There are 55 teams involved, split into four leagues (A, B, C and D) based on their UEFA ranking at the end of the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers.

Within those four leagues, teams will be split again into groups, which will be made up of either three or four teams. 

Within each league, four teams will be promoted at the end of the cycle, while four teams will be relegated. They will then play at their new level in the next competition, which starts in 2020.

The four group winners from League A will qualify for the finals, to be played in a yet to be decided European city in June 2019.  Four nations, one from each League, will also qualify for the UEFA Euro 2020 finals.

 UEFA Nations League A Groups

Group 1 – France / Germany / Holland

Group 2 – Switzerland / Belgium / Iceland

Group 3 – Portugal / Poland / Italy

Group 4 – Spain / England / Croatia


5 June 2019
Winners Group 1/2/3/4 Semi-final 1 Winners Group 1/2/3/4

6 June 2019
Winners Group 1/2/3/4 Semi-final 2 Winners Group 1/2/3/4

Third place play-off:

9 June 2019
Losers semi-final 1/2 v Losers semi-final 1/2


9 June 2019
Winners semi-final 1/2 v Winners semi-final 1/2

UEFA Nations League Prize money:

The prize money to be distributed was announced in March 2018. In addition to the €1.5 million solidarity fee for participating in the Nations League, the four participants will receive an additional €1.5M for winning their groups and qualifying for the Nations League Finals.

In addition, the participants will receive payment based on performance:

Winners: €4.5M
Runners-up: €3.5M
Third place: €2.5M
Fourth place: €1.5M

Ref: Uefa

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