Football Betting Guide

Online Football Betting help is huge and this guide will help you understand it better.

Football betting is incredibly popular and most sports betting is placed in these markets and has the same if not more different bets like cricket.

Here’s the most common types of football betting:

1X2 betting

The easiest and common type of football betting to understand. You have to correctly predict the full-time result of a match so a home win (1) , draw (x) or away win (2).

Example: It’s Liverpool vs. Man Utd: You can either back Liverpool to win (4/5), or Man Utd to come on top (11/8). You can also bet on a draw (13/5). For a winning bet your choice must be the same as the match outcome.

Double chance Match Odds

Like 1X2 betting in that you bet on the result of the match. However, this time, you bet on two outcomes, which means you have a much greater chance of a return on your bet, but the odds are lower as a result. The different outcomes are grouped in twos. This gives you some assurance if you’re not sure about which way to bet.

In double chance betting, you will win in the event of one of the two chosen possible outcomes. This may suit people who want to increase the chances of winning but with a lower return on the downside.

Example: Manchester United vs Arsenal. The double chance bets are: Manchester United and Draw (8/15), Arsenal and Draw (2/5) and Manchester United and Arsenal (4/11).

general football betting

Draw no bet

Removes the draw from the match. So in the event that a match you bet on ends without a winner, the bookmaker will return your stake.  Again this lowers the odds as there are only two options.

Example: Stoke entertain Newcastle and the draw no bet odds are Man City (1/3) and Spurs (9/4).

Correct Score Odds

A popular option and the odds are usually much higher and it may suit you if the match odds are low and you want to increase the odds with a smaller stake.

“What do you reckon the score will be tonight?’ must be one of the most popular conversation starters among footy-mad Brits. It’s always a really fun challenge to predict a football game’s result and it can be the source of much banter down the pub.

Example: Chelsea play Spurs in the premier league. You have a sneaky feeling that the Blues will sneak a 1-0 home victory. With odds of 7-1, it might be wise to make that bet.

Handicap Betting

An exciting bet that can be used where a team is an outright favourite so the odds of winning is too low (eg 1/5). In this instance you can place a bet giving an advantage to one of the sides before the match and applied to its final result. The usual handicap value for football is 1.

Example: You are sure that Manchester City will win away at Everton, but the price of 1/3 doesn’t offer a great return. So you decide to go for Manchester City (-2), which gives you much better odds at 8/5. A 3-0 (or greater) win to City will result 2-0 handicap victory in your favour.Football Betting Type

Other common football betting include – first goalscorer, goal cast, half-time / full-time 1st goal time, last team to score, total corners, total goals. Whatever you choose there are many more choices available and you won’t be short of options.

Football Leagues Betting

The biggest leagues in the world are based in Europe and dominated by the big three namely English Premier League, Italian Seria A and the Spanish La Liga. The biggest players in the world can be generally found playing there and attracts a huge following from and increasingly outside Europe.

As you would expect a plentiful of bet options are available in each of those markets and many others across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In fact you can generally find any league across the world to bet on and in more exotic locations and emerging ones like the american MLS league.

FIFA World Cup BettingCup Competitions

By far the single most betting competition is the World Cup that is staged every four years. It’s also the only competition that includes competing nations from across the world all playing together. It attracts massive betting opportunities on an intense level and also has many offers for new and existing customers with bookmakers offering incentives like a bonus or free bets to attract you.

Other major tournaments include the European Championships, European Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup to name just a few. Most counties have their own cup competitions and attract just as much betting from within the countries.