Cricket Betting Guide

Cricket Betting Guide  – make better choices and understand the odds

Betting on cricket is incredibly popular and major championships and leagues tend to dominate most betting. in terms of number of bet Tennis is pretty close.

The most popular are international test and one day matches played across the world and are organised by the ICC governing body. There are now many markets on offer that provide you with opportunities to have a flutter.

Online Cricket BettingTest match cricket has always been popular and is closely followed by the shorter one day cricket in the one day and Twenty20 formats that has grown in popularity and attract a wider spectator base.

By far the biggest are matches played in the world cup, the ashes and pretty much any match played against India. Understanding the cricket betting odds is probably a little more involved than other sports like football.

More recently the IPL (Indian Premier League) has taken centre stage and due to the unique player bidding process attracts some of the best players across the world to play in the competition. As a result the game has been given a bit of Bollywood glitter make it one of the most watchable sports in the world of cricket.

Here’s the most common types of online cricket bets:

Outright Win

Cricket World Cup BettingThe most common and basic type of bet and is pretty straight forward. Simply put you place a bet on the team you want to win the match.  The weather plays a key role in the outcome as when rain stops play on many occasions (especially in England) and therefore maybe you should check out forecast first and choose you bet carefully. Betting on cricket is somewhat a more closely matched contest than say Tennis where normally one player can easily dominate.

A draw occurs when the one or both of the teams have not completed their innings by the scheduled end of play and mostly effects test matches that have to be concluded in five days and two innings each. It’s also worth noting keeping a close eye on live cricket match online is recommended in case there’s a sudden batting collapse or rain is forecast and the odds can change dramatically.

Example: England v Australia maybe 11/8 and Evs with the draw at 3/1.  Really easy just put a bet on which team you want to win.

Draw No Bet

A pretty good bet if you want to reduce the risk and are willing to accept lower odds as you are eliminating one-third of an outcome. People tend to bet on this where both teams are very closely matched and have a strong battling line-up so are more likely to stay out for longer forcing a draw.

Example: India vs Pakistan live match – may be quoted as 5/6 each in a 5 day test match. There could be a possibility of a draw but you could remove this from your bet if you wished to and get a refund if it does end as a draw.

Top Scoring Batsman

Top Scoring Batsman BettingAs the name suggests you select a player who you believe will score the most runs in a team during a match, an entire series or an innings and can bet on any player on the team, however, you would be advised to do some research and see who’s on form.

For example South Africa v India below shows the odds for top Indian  batsman. Due to the nature of the bet the odds are higher than normal and you can sometimes hedge your bets and place a couple of bets on different players.Top Indian Batsman v SATop Bowler

This is very similar to the top batsman wager above except in this bet you’re required to predict which player will take the most wickets during the an innings, a match or a series. The options usually concentrate on a handful of main team bowlers.

Live Cricket Betting

This is the type of bet where ideally you must watch a live cricket match online to help you better understand how the match is progressing as you are expecting to place a bet during the match. As the games last a whole day for ODI and T20 matches there is plenty of time to decide what to bet on depending om how you feel the match is going.

Cricket Live In Play BettingA live cricket match online betting is one of the most exciting betting types there is across all sports as the odds fluctuate constantly depending on the mood. Depending on the bookmaker you can sometimes watch a live cricket streaming for free if you register on the site where you can at the same time get live cricket score on many matches. Result.

There are so many cricket bet markets that can be placed before and during a match as can be seen below. You can see you have plenty of choices like most run outs, man of the match, to score a fifty, next dismissal method  – the choices are endless (almost). Also, don’t forget about women’s cricket that has been growing in popularity in recent years and has been receiving increasingly amount of coverage an opening up more betting markets that didn’t exist a few years ago.

Live In Play Cricket Betting

Live Cricket Score

The joys of joining a sports betting site is the number of added services you can get and the most sought after for cricket bettors is live match scores. You’ll normally get to see a nice animation that displays a run by run commentary. Normally you would also get to view live scores for a number of other cricket matches with the same level of quality. So if you’re looking for the latest IPL live score then you’ll easily find it.

Live Method Of DismissalEach bookmaker is different and depending on the one you join you can sometimes watch free live cricket streaming where you’ll be able to watch the action as well as placing a bet.  Don’t also forget that nearly all sites have a comprehensive results checker service that will show you all the live cricket score for today and previous days