Football Index Review

Football Index Review – is a very new concept in football trading and is sometimes referred to as the football stock market of which football index is the leader.

Company Info:

Football Index is an interesting concept that allows people (traders) to buy and sell shares in professional footballers with real money and by doing so you are betting on the future success of players that influences the price.

BetIndex is the company behind the idea and offers something new and just as dynamic at other forms of sports betting and was launched in 2015. 

Customer service: UK: 0800 066 2650 /

Head Office: BetIndex Ltd, Charter Place, 23-27 Seaton Place, ST HELIER, JE1 1JY

Football Index Review Overall Rating (3.5/5)

3.5 Stars Football Index Rating

Customer Service

There is a help & FAQ button that takes you to customer support where you’ll find a few contact options like a telephone (as above), tweet address and also an online form. Football Index also has a comprehensive FAQ section that should hep with most of your account and operational questions. It also has a good reputation with customers that goes a long way.

Naturally a new type of betting there will follow numerous questions and we will answer these for you here:

What Is Football Index ? How Does it work ?

Football INDEX is a stock market game where players, known as Traders, take a position on the “future success” of footballers with real money. Traders place bets (buy and sell) by buying ‘Shares’ associated with Footballers, in the belief that they will earn dividends and increase in the value of shares. This is hybrid form of traditional betting and spread betting like Spreadex.

Use you knowledge, a passion about the beautiful game and its players to make money

Earn dividends ?

Traders can win small payouts by topping the ranking footballers in the “Media Rankings” and “Match Day Rankings”.  By buying a share you be in a chance to win a daily dividend (maximum of 100 Shares for each footballer).

Dividends are influenced by the amount of, and the prestige level of, the football matches taking place on that day and are paid out according to the “Dividend Table” which may pay additional Dividends for promotional reasons, and review and update the Dividend Table.

How to make money on football index ?

The price of a player Share is determined by demand within the game. The more Traders buy for example Harry Kane or Eden Hazard, the higher the price the greater the value of the underlying share and is just like any financial stock market. Demand = Higher Price

football index - live rankings

Football Index Tips

A common sense approach can help you increase your chances of making money and include:

  • buy a portfolio of Footballers you think will earn Dividends over a period through the “Media Rankings” or “Match Day Rankings”.
  • buy a portfolio of Footballers that you think will increase in value, from increased demand, enabling you to cash out your bets at a profit – buy low, sell high!

How you can lose money

You can never lose more than your stake, and to lose all of your stake your Shares would have to be of no value in the market, and for you not to receive any Dividend payouts on them.

Also a Bet called a Share lasts for three years from you buying a bet and upon the expiry of the Share Period, the Bet will expire – meaning that you will lose your stake and the right to participate in any Dividend. Buyer Beware!

Football Index Buzz

The Football Index’s daily Buzz Chart is a UK media monitor that determines the trending footballer in the news each day. Traders holding Futures in the trending footballer receive a dividend pay out for each Future held.

What is a Media Ranking ? is a daily monitor of all UK online football news, which drives a daily buzz score. On Match Days, the top footballer with the highest score each day by 12:00am (London time) is declared the ‘winner’ for that day.

There are a whole host of football news feeds that are followed to determine the media rankings including Talksport, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Express, Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports.

Selling your Shares – sales are not instant and dependant on another trader wishing to buy your shares so you have to either Go To Market where your order is in a queue for other users to buy at that price that you want to sell for or Sell Instantly at the current market price. Football Index charges a fee of 2% for all transactions.

Here’s a handy tutorial to help you understand it better

Football Index App

Currently at the time of this review the app is available in the apple iOS format only. This could be a timing issue and we’re sure that it’s only a matter of time before it’s in the android version.

The screen shot is from the mobile app that has the same smooth feel to it as the website. Navigating is pretty straightforward and simple to use and you get the same functionality and the overall quality of site is excellent from a user perspective.

Customer Offers

As a trading site there are no actual free bets as such as Football Index is an exchange between traders. However, it does give you the opportunity to trade up to £500 Risk Free for 7 days. This will give you a flavour for how the site work so you can get used to the functions and try out your strategies for fun before you dip your toes in.


What makes Football Index different ?

Besides the obvious we like the fact that the site offers a more social aspect to the trading aspect to the site where traders can discuss the world of football through twitter and forums. What’s also nice about it is the Football Index Academy that teaches all you need to known about trading.

OVERALL Football Index Review  –  As a new concept we have been impressed with the difference to traditional fixed odds betting and he site is well thought out. It will however, only appeal to football lovers who have to be on the ball and keep fully updated on the latest footballers performance across the world or just specialise in your known market like the Premier League. We like the exciting trading aspect of the it but feel it has limited appeal. Take a look around and open up an account to try it out.

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